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Improve the performance, drivabilty and efficiency of your vehicle with a ECU Remap from Chip Tuning Solutions.

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DPF Solutions

Thinking about having a DPF delete carried out on your vehicle? Find out more about the DPF solutions for vehicles offered by Chip Tuning Solutions.

DPF solutions

Our Services

We are able to offer our services on a wide variety of privately owned, fleet and trade cars as well as commercial and agricultural vehicles.

A vehicle lookup list is available on our find my vehicle page. However, if you are struggling to find your vehicle, do not hesitate to contact us for further information and prices.

EGR Solutions

Chip Tuning Solutions can disable the EGR valve on your vehicle which has the benefit of increasing engine power.

EGR Solutions

Fuel System Cleaning

Fuel System Carbon Clean should be part of your regular maintenance schedule.

Fuel System Cleaning

Eco Solutions

Chip Tuning Solutions can help improve the fuel economy of your vehicle with our Eco Solutions.

Eco Solutions

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Performance Solutions

A Performance Solutions ECU remap is designed to improve Performance, Driveability and Efficiency without decreasing reliability and economy. The software used by Chip Tuning Solutions is extensively developed and tested.

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An ECU remap will give our customers the best combination of improved performance, increased engine torque, and enhanced throttle response and driveability.

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