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EGR Solutions

The EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) system fitted to turbo diesel vehicles can cause running problems, so an EGR delete from Chip Tuning Solutions is an alternative to potential costly repairs. The purpose of an EGR system is to reduce NOx gas emissions from the engine, which it does by directing a proportion of the exhaust gas back into the engine to weaken the fuel/air mixture, reducing peak combustion temperatures and the formation of NOx.

Disabling the EGR valve has the benefit of increasing engine power by stopping the inert exhaust gas entering the combustion chamber. The EGR metering valve is prone to failure and common failures can be attributed to the valve operation being impeded by carbon build up in the inlet manifold. The carbon build up can actually be traced to the EGR valve itself because of the way it allows exhaust gasses to mix with vapours from the crankcase ventilation system, so an additional benefit of an EGR delete is a cleaner inlet manifold system.

There are a number of ways an EGR delete can be carried out. In most cases Chip Tuning Solutions can re-write the code in the engine control module to tell the valve not to open but this will only work if the valve is completely closed and the solenoid which operates the valve is undamaged, an additional blanking plate can be installed to prevent recirculation if the valve is sticking. On some vehicles it is possible to remove some of the EGR components and install a blanking kit, however on all of the blanking options it is also necessary to turn off the EGR operation inside the engine ECU.

Chip Tuning Solutions can provide EGR delete solutions on their own or with a combination of DPF solutions and performance solutions. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

EGR Delete

EGR stands for Exhaust Gas Recirculation and is used to lower the NOx emissions from a vehicle. It works by sending some of the exhaust gas back into the vehicles engine.

egr delete