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Fuel System De-Carbonising

Any vehicle that has covered more than 25,000 miles, or is used regularly for “round town” driving will benefit from a Fuel System Carbon Clean, particularly diesel vehicles fitted with a DPF or when lower grade/quality fuels are being used.

When a vehicle is new, it has no contaminates inside the engine, as the vehicle mileage increases contamination of carbon, gumming, tars and varnish from the combustion process builds up on key components in the engine leading to a gradual drop in performance and efficiency.

Tec4 logoIt is important to invest in Fuel System Carbon Clean as part of your regular maintenance schedule to help keep your vehicle free from breakdowns and consequently costly fuel system repairs and also to keep your vehicles injection system operating at its optimal performance.

Fuel System Carbon Cleaning can also help to improve fuel economy by up to 10% to 15%, due to increased fuel system efficiency when compared to an uncleaned vehicle. A significant saving for the average motorist of between £200 and £300 per year.

Other benefits of a Carbon Cleaned Fuel System are a quieter engine, especially cold starting, a smoother running engine and to some extent it will clean small carbon deposits from the EGR valve and VGT turbo control rings due to the molecular make-up of the cleaning solution also being active in the exhaust gasses.

If you require more information about Chip Tuning Solutions Fuel System De-Carbonising please contact us.

ECU Remapping and Fuel System De-Carbonising

Having clean fuel system, components and combustion chambers, is critical for a safe and efficient power upgrade. To see the best results from an ECU remap it’s vitally important that your vehicle is in good condition, especially the engine and the fuel system.

Partially blocked injectors won’t be able to effectively handle the increased injected quantity amount requested by a remap, sometimes resulting in black smoke and premature wear and damage to other components.

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