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Performance Solutions

At Chip Tuning Solutions we believe our performance solutions ECU remap will give our customers the best combination of improved performance, increased engine torque, and enhanced throttle response and driveability.  We can achieve this by using tuning files commonly called maps that are superior to our competitors.  Our tuning files have been extensively developed and can also be customised to work alongside other modifications or particular driving requirements.   In the majority of cases this is not required because we extensively test our software to give you the best remap possible which means that if we are not able do what you want it is normally because the engine components can’t do it safely.

Should I get my car remapped?

Most owners will know if their vehicle is capable of handling the extra torque and horsepower an ECU remap can provide so it is important that your vehicle has been well maintained and is free from any running faults that may prevent a satisfactory result.  On every job we will carry out a system diagnostic check and road test the vehicle with you, and we will tell you if there is anything that you need to be aware of.


What benefits will I see from a performance remap from Chip Tuning Solutions?

Apart from an increase in brake horse power you should also expect to see improved overall driveability from the increased engine torque, this means that the engine will pull better from lower revs and accelerate in a more linear way with less throttle input.  When a gear change occurs you will also notice a reduction in lag.  Our previous customer feedback indicates that driving a car with a Chip Tuning Solutions performance remap also allows the driver to accelerate safely in higher gears in such a way that 6th gear now feels like 5th did before the remap and 5th like 4th, so this will reduce the amount of time spent in lower gears and help to improve fuel economy.

We can work on most Petrol and Diesel vehicles manufactured from 1999 onwards and our services are available to both private and trade customers.
If you require more information about Chip Tuning Solutions performance remapping please contact us

What is BHP?

Brake horsepower or bhp is the most commonly used measurement of engine power along with Pferdestarke or PS (German for horse-strength), this was actually replaced by kilo Watts (kW) as the EU’s measurement of legal engine power in 1992.

The phrase horsepower was coined by James Watt in 1782, when he calculated the amount of force one horse needed to exert to turn a mill wheel then comparing the output of a steam engine to the number of horses equivalent to steam power as an easy way for prospective customers to compare power ratings.

Brake horsepower is the measurement of an engines power at the road wheels after drivetrain losses have had their effect and is measured on a braked dynamometer. In contrast to this is hp is the measurement of an engines total output at the flywheel before drivetrain losses.

What is Torque?

Torque is a turning force and in automotive applications is often measured in Newton metres (Nm) or foot pounds (ft-Lbs). It is a calculation of force multiplied by distance, and this is what you feel when you accelerate.

In automotive terms torque is the measure of ability for an engine to do work whereas bhp is a measurement of the rate work can be done. Both are related by an equation of torque and engine speed.

Figures quoted by car manufactures are peak outputs generally at high rpm’s and full throttle but torque at lower rpm’s is more important for every day driving.